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We will be glad to have friends from now and learn about life there. Hope you have nice day , I am a man has experience the life the worse part has gone .

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Ben (32) I swear this is a robot site, I get a message that invites sexual, explicit, erotic and just plain horny chatting then when I respond in a positive manner, the next message is so off the wall and coldly different it has to be a robot sending out random $#*! You get done with him & he promises a confirmation e-mail. You contact them with a copy of the cancellation and they reply that you were never enrolled in to begin with, but something like, which you never cancelled out of.

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For what it's worth, my back-of-the-envelope calculations assume that, out of all marriages: Median length: ~45 years. If you and your intended spouse are at least 25 and college educated, and are not poor, not convicted criminals, not drug users, and not previously divorced, your lifetime chance of divorce is dramatically lower (about 5-15% depending on who is doing the calculations), so your expected length of marriage would be determined mainly by your remaining life expectancies.