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After Retro Girl's murder, Walker and Zora reconnect, begin dating again and ultimately get engaged.Unfortunately, Zora is killed defending Walker from an insane former superhero.

, the long-running comic series created by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming, is how much it is avoiding spot-on, on-the-nose casting.

However, despite what some may call a hinderance, Cruise has still managed to have a good life.

“Many people would have just given up if they had found themselves in Tom’s situation, height-wise,” said sociologist Dr. “I commend him for overcoming his disability and becoming one of the best midget actors since Billy Barty.

However, she continues to loom large in the series, appearing in numerous flashbacks that flesh out just how close the two were.

It's gradually revealed that she, Walker, and Retro Girl knew one another for several 's Andrew Sensenig, while foulmouthed Detective Kutter, a fellow Chicago police detective who frequently butts heads with Pilgrim and Walker, will be played by actor Justice Leak.

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