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Or, if you’re both having a good time, the date is short enough that another activity can follow.

It’s a good way to just be able to sit and have a conversation without being distracted by something like a movie.

None of those words would have made the light of day without the other three.

We were a team, and words produced in those situations are never just your own. The four of us were working in an ‘evaluation and synthesis’ role for a program of publicly funded projects in OER (Jisc/HEA 2009-2012).

For me, the most complicated and difficult bit of that sentence is: ‘‘ The citation for this paper puts my name at the front, but that hides a longer story.

Cheers Mike Nicolas Claris said The Sigma 12-24 is much better than the Canon 17-40 mm! ) I have had the 3 of them (I have kept the 14 mm) Nic, and anyone else, can you discuss your experience with the Sigma 12-24.

Now, the Chicago-bred rapper will have an opportunity to present the show—and all the varying black art it encompasses—to a wider audience.

, a book published at the start of the Harlem Renaissance that encapsulated the black literary excellence from the era, Eagle is aware that it might cause some people to stay away from the show. “It’s fitting, in a sense,” he tells me over the phone.

They are all on my regular blog roll but I’m putting them up front here.

Original: This post lifts off from a piece I wrote in 2012 on Open Educational Practices.

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aims to achieve the same goals as its namesake: to prove that black art isn’t a singular concept, threaded through a needle—it’s a wide section of the quilt of American culture.

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