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Ernie Ball Music Man currently offers ten different John Petrucci models, which include the original John Petrucci signature model introduced in 2001, the Majesty introduced in 2014, and this year’s latest addition—the JP16.Compared to the other John Petrucci models, the JP16 is sort of the lineup’s equivalent of a Porsche Boxster Spyder—the design places high performance as its biggest priority, so certain extras are discarded while various essentials are upgraded.We looked at some that worked, like the six-saddle bridge, and some that didn’t, like the early plans for a neck without a truss rod, and a super-light vibrato bridge that made the guitar sound like a banjo.Leo and co were never afraid to test an idea, refine it if it could be made better, or scrap it if they were just not on the right track. After selling the Fender guitar company to CBS in 1985, Leo went on to work as a consultant for Music Man before starting G&L, and the innovations didn’t stop.As a result, it’s priced slightly higher than the original John Petrucci model but less than the other guitars in its family.

on request Our supplier has not yet provided us with an expected delivery date.The Music Man Silhouette Special boasts a bridge humbucker and 2 single coils-all custom-wound Di Marzios-and 5-way switching for a wide sonic range.Music Man's patented Silent Circuit eliminates the no...Its 5-bolt neck attachment with a sculpted heel joint lets you easily play the highest frets. The history of the Music Man company began about 1971 when Tom Walker, Forrest White and Leo Fender started a company called Tri-Sonic. Leo Fender himself had to sign a 10 years non-compete contract when he sold his company Fender Musical Instruments to the CBS Corporation in 1965, so he remained in the background until 1975.

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