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The original Golden Record was curated by astronomer and science popularizer Carl Sagan, and copies were sent on NASA's Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 spacecraft.

On their way to interstellar space, the duo toured the outer solar system, visiting Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune between them — along with 49 moons around those planets and their rings and magnetic fields — before continuing toward the solar system's outermost edges.

Now, those records are more than 10 billion and 12 billion miles (16 billion and 20 billion kilometers) away from Earth, respectively — and the radio program "Science Friday" says it's about time for an update.

The public radio show, which airs a weekly episode focusing on science, partnered with the radio show "Studio 360" yesterday (Sept.

Hi Bella, We thoroughly enjoyed the cruise and are very impressed with Fred Olsen and Braemar. On Sunday afternoon we had half an hour of nonstop 60s music to which so many of us danced. I can't wait for the next music cruise somewhere out of Britain as this one was.

We want to mark our 50th Anniversary in March 2017 and wonder if you have any suggestions. The security was at its highest as well as hygiene. Thank you to your company and to the company Celebrity Eclipse.

"Science Friday" and "Studio 360" presented "The Golden Record Remastered" Sept.ID=9405 for more details on how to determine the type of your operating system. Run There is currently no updater available for the Mac operating system.The updating procedure has to be carried out on a windows computer.27) to reimagine what audio mementos of Earth such a record could hold if sent today.The event — held here at The Greene Space radio broadcast studio in collaboration with The Greene Space, Groupmuse and WQXR — kicked off a campaign to collect suggestions from the public and to build a "remastered" version of the artifact.

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